We take great pride in the work we accomplish with all of our clients! We work with a large variety of industries such as Retail, Farming, Construction and Home Improvements, Restaurants, Social Services organizations, Religious Organizations, Health and Beauty, Technology, Law and many more! - A. Wright CPA, PLLC


"She handles all of our affairs - personal and business. I can't tell you how much better I sleep at night knowing a professional like her is in charge of keeping us in line. Our business got chosen for a random audit and we passed with flying colors. Not a single issue. Anne handled everything from beginning to end and all I had to do was go to work like normal. If I wouldn't have had her heaven knows what kind of wreak I'd have been. At the end of the year she more than 10 times over gets us back what we pay her because of LEGAL things she taught me to do I didn't know I was supposed to as a business owner like certain vehicle and marketing deductions I didn't know we could take. It's a win win. She keeps me stress free, out of trouble and running a smooth, ever-growing business and I happily pay for her services as she grows her own business. I recommend her to everybody!" - Kathy Cornelison, Owner of Carolina Pine Country Store, LLC in Goldsboro, NC 

"Anne-Marie has been wonderful to work with and is always quick to respond and help in any way that she can to make my experience as easy as possible." - Chelsea Mercer, Owner of One Thirty Red in Goldsboro, NC 

"I love working with Anne-Marie. I started a new business in the past year and was overwhelmed and anxious about trying to do my taxes on my own. She instantly calmed my anxieties and made everything so incredibly easy. I feel so confident in her attention to all the details, and she is a joy to work with. I'm glad to know that I'm in good hands!" - Elissa Washuta, Owner of Trout & Crow LLC in Seattle, WA  

"A Wright, CPA, has helped Happy Homes, LLC really get our accounting streamlined, now we focus on what is important our customers. We tip our hats in thanks for there diligent work." - Timon Gasowski, Owner of Happy Homes, LLC in Seattle, WA

"Working with Anne-Marie was a dream. Easy back and forth despite the fact that I live out of state and she asked the right questions to make sure my husband and I got the deductions we're entitled to." - Isla McKetta in Seattle, WA

"A. Wright is the best!! Y'all are always on point. I really appreciate everything; convenience, courtesy, and very fairly priced for the services received. I would recommend you guys to everyone!!" - John Whiteside, Owner of WD Flooring in Pikeville, NC